EDIS is available in two versions

$599 per SQL Server Instance

Developer Features
Data Transfer
Import ODBC, OLEDB, Flat File
Automatic Data Conversion
Import/Export ADO.NET
Export Flat File
Import/Export RAW File
Import/Export Data up to 1,000 rows unlimited
Get Sheet List
Auto-Create Excel Files (xls, xlsx, xlsm)
Create Worksheet
Rename Worksheet
Clear Worksheet
Bold Headers, Autofit Columns, Add Autofilters
Read/Write/Purge Lists
Upload/Download Files from Document Library
Get Document Library File List
Get List Metadata
Upload/Download Files
Delete Files
Get Directory File Listing
Use Secure FTP/FTPS
Google Big Query
Import Data
Export Data
Append Data in BigQuery
Create Tables From SELECT Statements
Run SQL Command
Drop Tables
Autogenerate Destination Table
Email Task
Send Emails
Attach Query Results
Compress Query Results Attachments
Zip Tasks
Zip/Unzip Files
Support wildcards for file names
Include/Exclude sub folders when zipping a directory
Web Tasks
Web Request GET
Soap Request GET
Local File Tasks
Copy, Rename, Delete Files
Supports wildcard patterns for filtering file lists
List Directory Content
Create Directory
Delete Directory
Powershell Task
Execute Script
Capture outputs to table
Process Task
Execute Command
Capture outputs to table
Merge Task
Convert files to varbinary and back
DBA Features
Encrypted Connections
Multi-Tenant Connection Support

Software Requirements

Supports SQL Server 2012 and above
Server needs SSIS installed
License is for one server instance installation