Sending a Text Message from SQL Server

Sending a Text Message from SQL Server Sending a text message from SQL Server is actually pretty easy. I had no idea, but text messages go just like a standard email does. As long as you know your service provider’s smtp host, you can use the MSDB..sp_send_dbmail proc and put the recipient as their phone … Continue reading "Sending a Text Message from SQL Server"...
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Creating a Robust Database for Business Users Without Blocking

Over the years of building and maintaining business user facing databases for adHoc and reporting analysis, I’ve had numerous situations where I would need to truncate/reload a table or perform an update on it. However, if one of the business users was querying the table, I would have to wait for them to finish their … Continue reading "Creating a Robust Database for Business Users Without Blocking"...
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Quick script to catch sneaky people

I have come across many instances in the past where users would try to elevate their permissions through sneaky ways, and below is a quick script that I use to check for this. Have fun!   CREATE proc .asif object_id('tempdb..#results') is not null drop table #results; create table #results (db_nm nvarchar(255), object_nm nvarchar(255), schema_nm nvarchar(255), … Continue reading "Quick script to catch sneaky people"...
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New Website Launched

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. Additionally, we are now offering a free version of EDIS called EDIS Standard. Please check out our products page for more information. Thanks, SQL ETL Team...
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