Processing Complex Text Files with SQL Server

Many organizations work with files that contain header information at the top of the file before the data rows begin. This header information typically contains critical information of the file such as when it was processed, any transaction identity markers or batch ID’s, and other important information. In order to retrieve this information, IT departments … Continue reading "Processing Complex Text Files with SQL Server"...
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Sending a Text Message from SQL Server

Sending a Text Message from SQL Server Sending a text message from SQL Server is actually pretty easy. I had no idea, but text messages go just like a standard email does. As long as you know your service provider’s smtp host, you can use the MSDB..sp_send_dbmail proc and put the recipient as their phone … Continue reading "Sending a Text Message from SQL Server"...
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Creating a Robust Database for Business Users Without Blocking

Over the years of building and maintaining business user facing databases for adHoc and reporting analysis, I’ve had numerous situations where I would need to truncate/reload a table or perform an update on it. However, if one of the business users was querying the table, I would have to wait for them to finish their … Continue reading "Creating a Robust Database for Business Users Without Blocking"...
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Quick script to catch sneaky people

I have come across many instances in the past where users would try to elevate their permissions through sneaky ways, and below is a quick script that I use to check for this. Have fun!   CREATE proc .asif object_id('tempdb..#results') is not null drop table #results; create table #results (db_nm nvarchar(255), object_nm nvarchar(255), schema_nm nvarchar(255), … Continue reading "Quick script to catch sneaky people"...
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New Website Launched

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website. Additionally, we are now offering a free version of EDIS called EDIS Standard. Please check out our products page for more information. Thanks, SQL ETL Team...
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